The Pomology Project (online exhibition)

Urban Mummers Plays

Urban Mummers Plays

‘Mummers plays’ are traditional folk plays, often performed by amateurs in rural locations. Three new mummers plays (Rewind, The Antidote & The Line) were created as part of The Pomology Project that focused on aspects of UK society that are common to us all. Performed at Simmerdown Festival 2019, these satirical skits take in sound system culture, a ‘strong and stable’ MC-ing Teresa May, endless queues for housing reform and an NHS that is seeking the ultimate antidote.

Commissioned playwright: Liz Mytton.

Props, costumes and casting: General Public.

Performed by: Tonia Daley-Campbell, Jade Samuels, Andre-Pierre, Julian Southall & Radiance Anaele. 

Performed at Simmerdown Festival & also filmed at the University of Birmingham (Rewind, The Senate Chamber; The Line, Winterbourne House – the home of housing reformer John Nettlefold; The Antidote, QE Hospital).

Costumes were silk screen printed with women from the Ashiana centre, Sparkhill / Bangladeshi Womens Association, Small Heath.

Please click here for scripts of the three plays.

Simmerdown Festival 2019

Screenprinting costumes with the Ashiana Centre.

Screenprinting bags and costumes with BWA.

Film still from ‘The Antidote’ filmed outside the QE hospital Birmingham.

Simmerdown Festival 2019

Fictional fruit design.

Simmerdown Festival 2019.

Silks screenprinting costumes with BWA

Actors Tonia Daley-Campbell, Jade Samuels, Andre-Pierre, Julian Southall & Radiance Anaele at Simmerdown Festival.

Silk screenprinting with the Ashiana Centre.

Fictional fruit design by Meher. 

Fictional fruit design by Nelufa.

Silk screenprinting costumes with BWA.