The Pomology Project

Pomology Project Information

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The Pomology Project is a contemporary art project that explores contemporary UK diversity through reimagining British orchard traditions & customs in an urban context. What might be termed ‘traditional’ English fruits are descended from central Asian ancestors & the project uses this analogy to explore narratives around diversity/difference today. Project elements include:

Contemporary Wassails: A New Ritual – ‘Waking Up The Winter’

  • A new Wassail as live performance co-created with groups across the city.
  • Drawing upon English folklore, but situated within a contemporary urban context, this new ‘Waking up the Winter’ ceremony will explore strategies for coping (in Winter, with Seasonal Affective Disorder & mental distress more broadly).
  • Presented at a number of venues in 2020/21 including Winterbourne House’s ‘Year of the Mind’ Festival.

Urban Mummers Plays

  • Collaboration with playwright Liz Mytton.
  • Three new short plays will be produced drawing upon the historical form of the mummers play (often performed by amateurs in rural settings) that respond to the wider project themes.
  • The plays will be produced in collaboration with groups across the city & performed in various locations over 2019.

‘Cherry Minding’: What would you protect?

  • New participatory artwork that draws upon the practice of ‘Cherry Minding’ (this essentially translates as keeping birds off cherries in cherry orchards around harvest time using ‘instruments’ made from recycled materials fashioned into a one man band style noise making system).
  • Working in collaboration with musical instrument designer Sam Underwood & local community groups/urban growing spaces across the city, we will be creating an audience activated sound sculpture based on this unusual orchard tradition that will tour to multiple venues across the city over Summer/Autumn 2019.

The Apple Store

  • Archive material, apple displays & tasting, the opportunity to make the ancient apple based delicacy of ‘Black Butter’.


  • The project will conclude with exhibitions at multiple venues in 2020 including the Rotunda Gallery, University of Birmingham. This will also present some of the Commonground archive.