The Hop Project


We have a man we go to (All change)
The Hip Hop Pickers Ball Ft Tee Lyrical

Migration between the rural and urban is conventionally thought of as a one-way process from the countryside to the city, exemplified by the industrial revolution. Seasonal agricultural labour and the involvement of urban labour in rural harvests offered a disruption to this process for many years. The Hip-Hop Pickers’ Ball sees The Hop Project travelling along this urban-to-rural migrational path by taking hip-hop, the original inner city urban art form, and relocating it to the countryside to explore the politics and history of hops.

The Hip-Hop Pickers’ Ball are a fictional hip-hop group based in Bromyard, the former hop capital of the UK, who take their name from the Hop Pickers’ Ball, an event that would historically occur at the end of the hop harvest. They are collaborating with different rappers and local groups along the tour route to produce a series of albums and music videos.

The single We have a man we go to (All change) features a young rapper from Birmingham called Tee Lyrical. This video charts the journey undertaken by hop-pickers between Birmingham and Herefordshire.