The Hop Project


Across the tour schedule’s geographical route, different groups are making contributions to The Hop Project touring exhibition. These include:

Watercolours inspired by inner city graffiti (Cradley, Mathon and Storridge Art Group).

Model of the final ‘Hop Pickers’ Special’ train to leave Herefordshire, overcrowded with hop pickers returning to the Black Country (West Bromwich Model Railway Society).

Quilted beer label designs for fictional feminist ales (Crystal Quilters & Kidderminster Forest Quilters).

Diorama of socialist hop pickers from the South Wales Valleys and the Black Country fighting the royalist land owners in a fictional British civil war universe (Hereford Wargamers).

‘Rustic’ touring exhibition display system (Mr Bennett – Romany Traveller ).

See also The Hop Project – Exchange for more information on how two schools are making contributions to the touring exhibition.