The Endless Village



HCC2 – Nicken Kotak
Eco Dave – Collene Webb
BananaNana – Heather Rome
Banana Growing Working Group – Larry Rew
Hardcore Localvore 1 / Sergeant Hippy – Nicola Gardner
Hardcore Localvore 2 / Mr Shit – Phil Hemming
Banana Mule – Maggie Turner
Kingdom 9.5 Rep – Georgia Neath
Barman – Chris Poolman
Girl – Lily-May Poolman-Rowe

Writing, Filming, Production

Written by Chris Poolman, Elizabeth Rowe & Alexandra Taylor
Filmed & edited by Oli Clark
Sound recording / sound design by Joscha Eickel
Production assistant – Caleb Steer
Casting, locations, project development, props etc by General Public (Chris Poolman & Elizabeth Rowe)

Banana Day Extras’s

Marcus Dross
Abigail Walton
Michael Wolters
Tom Walton
Rachel Alcock
Moe Bilal
Gill Hines
Laura Whitehurst


Filmed on location in Birmingham at Moseley Bog, Highbury Park & Highbury Community Orchard
Thank you to Birmingham Wildlife Trust (especially Emma Sargent & Natalie Norton) & Highbury Community Orchard (Liz Wright and David Papadopoulos)


Cornet live recording (at Moseley Bog) – Joao Fowler
Drumming – Frankley Drumming Group (Tammy Clayton, Emma Moult, Rosie Brennan) led by Calvert Lawson
Michael Wolters

Additional Props 

The Kaftan of Community Cohesion – Penny Moore (& Frankley Women’s Sewing Group)
Eco Dave’s trainers – Linda Coates
Crisp Packet Blanket – Linda Coates (& Frankley Women’s Sewing Group)
Mr Shit’s Crossbow – Toby Poolman
Dan Burwood – Auto Spade
Clay Advisor – Geoff Skidmore

Additional Thanks

The Friends of Balaam’s Wood who supported The Endless Village workshop programme in Frankley
Simon Bailey (additional sound recording)
Jon Tugwell, Fyffes
Sara Crathorne
Nisha Modhwadia, Birmingham Repertory Theatre
Gavin Wade & Ruth Claxton, Eastside Projects
Joanne Bushnell, Aspex