Longbridge Light Festival: 2014

Longbridge Commissions

BAZ – The Quartic Rides Again!

BAZ constructed a tube carriage from a future fictitious Birmingham transport network based on the Austin Allegro’s Quartic Steering Wheel. This was powered by the open source ‘litre of light’ eco technology.

Joanne Masding – Symbol for a Light

‘Symbol for a Light’ is a new video commission by Joanne Masding. Its starting point is the anglerfish, which uses a dangling, luminescent organ on its head to attract prey and mates.

Matthew J Watkins – Untitled

Matthew J Watkins will be drawing inspiration from Carl Sagan’s intergalactic documentary Cosmos: A Personal Voyage. The artist will be using OHP’s to project handmade painted slides on to the streets and buildings.

MortonUnderwood – Sonic Graffiti

MortonUnderwood will install a number of sonic graffiti pieces around the site. Their sounds – designed to reflect the nature of the site and its history – will shift and transform as the light falling on them changes.

Juneau Projects – Warning Structures

Juneau Projects new work is inspired by prehistoric cave paintings. Through a system of red, green and blue strobing lights the artists create moving drawings on sculptural objects.

Matthew J Watkins (& Poolman Rowe) – Close Encounters of the Longbridge Kind

Taking inspiration from the classic science fiction film Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Bournville College will be transformed into an extraordinary other worldly object, as a metaphor for the journey into the future of the unknown.

Austin Houldsworth – We-Currency

We-currency will be a reflection of social value and community. At its heart will be a large-scale light sculpture, which reflects the communities’ cohesion; if the community is working together, towards the same goal, then the sculpture forms a perfect sphere. But if people stray and don’t unite, the individual component block will move away from the centre and the sphere will collapse.

One Five West – Feedback

One Five West present ‘Feedback’, an interactive digital and sculptural installation, that invites audiences to activate the work through their movement, sound and touch.

Aille Rutherford – Remember Our Future?

Artist Aille Rutherford invites you to take part in an exciting event to delve into the future of Longbridge. Don’t worry if your memory is rusty. Come along, join in and help Longbridge’s strongest man conduct a vision of our future. Events take place at 6pm at Greenlands Social Club and 8pm in Longbridge town centre.

Institute for Boundary Interactions – Town Crier

Town Crier will be roaming the Light Festival, gathering social digital archaeology from the area and broadcasting this through its speaker array throughout the evening.