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The 1980s: Playtrain, Playwork & Coronation Rd – Haki Kapasi, Deby Morgan & Jo Bowen interviews

The 1980s: Playtrain, Playwork & Coronation Road


  • Haki Kapasi (Playtrain / play training / Asian children’s play research)
  • Deby Morgan (playworker early 1980s to present day)
  • Jo Bowen (Coronation Road Adventure Playground early 1980s)

Article 31 Action Pack (Children's Rights & Children's Play). Produced by Play-train.

Image Credit: Harry Shier

Haki Kapasi discusses Port 86, the radical work and legacy of the play organisation Playtrain, her pioneering work on play opportunities for Asian children, how the play movement has changed, Harry Shier’s & Article 31.

Deby Morgan talks about her job as a playworker in Birmingham from the early 1980s until the present day. She talks about training in Ward End, Hockley Port playground, an unofficial Handsworth adventure playground, the play movement V the care movement, how play has changed and the complexity of providing suitable play provision in local contexts.

Jo Bowen talks about her involvement in setting up Coronation Road adventure playground in the 1980s, how children shaped the playground, Selly Oak at this time, the concrete amphitheatre and 870 Bristol Road.