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Sparkbrook Adventure Playground: Geoff Gaisford interview

Sparkbrook Adventure Playground

Interviewee: Geoff Gaisford (youth worker at the Sparkbrook Association and occasional assistant to Gene Pack at the Sparkbrook Adventure Playground – he also created the Cellar Shadows Youth Club at 6, Braithwaite Road with the older children and teenagers from the Adventure Playground so as to get them off the streets in the evenings)

Geoff discusses his job as an assistant at Sparkbrook adventure playground in the early 1960s, the importance of legendary playworker Gene Peck who set up the playground, rogue landlords & poverty in Sparkbrook, the Shadows Youth Club, vivid descriptions of the playground’s dens, structures & towers & the impact the children of Sparkbrook had on his life.

Interviews by children at Christchurch Primary School, Sparkbrook

Sparkbrook Adventure Playground Archive Images

Archive images courtesy of Geoff Gaisford.