Let Us Play

Meriden Adventure Playground: Simon Rix, Sharon Dunbar & Sarah Hulbert interviews

Meriden Adventure Playground: Interviews #2


  • Simon Rix (former Senior Playworker)
  • Sharon Dunbar (Volunteer)
  • Sarah Hulbert (Volunteer)


Interviews conducted by children at St Annes Primary School, Chelmsley Wood.

Children at St Annes Primary School, Chelmsley Wood interviewing Meriden adventure playground volunteer Sharon Dunbar.

Simon Rix discusses his involvement in Meriden Adventure Playground as the first senior playworker, ‘Lions, Tigers & Bears’, creating a critical mass, the origins of the playground, fires, ceremonial maces, freeing the playground from the local authority, class war, the Freddo campaign and the significance of the playground to local children & families.

Sharon Dunbar discusses volunteering at Meriden Adventure Playground, the value of Meriden to the local community, the council trying to close the site down and her favourite memories / stories of the playground.

Sarah Hulbert talks about the role of a volunteer at Meriden adventure playground, brilliant muddy wet days, the threat of the playground closing and the 27.5 pence campaign to keep the playground open.

Meriden Adventure Playground 2010 when the playground had just opened.

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