Let Us Play

Let Us Play: Information

We are pleased to launch part #1 of a new project ‘Let Us Play’, an investigation of the ‘state of play’ today. Initially this involves the collation of an archive of material to capture the Birmingham adventure playground movement of the 1960-1980’s before a wider ‘live period’ of events and exhibitions in 2020. Events and activities from 2019 onwards include:

The History of the Adventure Playground Movement in Birmingham


BOM Residency

We are undertaking a BOM residency to develop a series of play map(s). This will involve working with young people across the city & Professor Peter Kraftl to investigate play in urban environments today. The BOM residency will enable us to use augmented realities to bring this research to life. We are also working on Professor Kraftl’s Plastic Childhoods project, which examines the many ways in which plastics are entangled with children’s lives.

Marxist ‘Three-sided’ Football

Presented by General Public and the School of Education
Wednesday 23 October. 12.00 – 13.30
University of Birmingham, Main Library, Lawn R30
Free, no booking required

Come and take part in a game of three-sided football and experience the illicit thrill of running around slightly out of breath within a conceptual sports framework. Three-sided football was devised by the Danish artist and philosopher Asger Jorn. Jorn created the idea of three-sided football to explain his refinement of the Marxist dialectic (resulting in his notion of ‘triolectics’). Three-sided football is played on a hexagonal pitch with three teams instead of the usual two, the winning team is that which concedes the least number of goals.

C.A.K.E Event

Let us Play C.A.K.E (Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange) event coming in October 2019 at UoB.
Image credit: Mick Turner