Heathland Festival

Production Workshops

The festival featured an innovative workshop programme that will feed directly into the content of the final children’s storybook. Workshops included…

Heathoglyphics’: making a new alphabet for your new utopia
Beginning with a reading of Weslandia by Paul Fleischman (in which a boy who doesn’t fit in decides to grow a mysterious new plant, which yields enough resources to found a new society), this workshop will involved creating new Weslandia inspired alphabets (‘heathoglyphics’) using printing and painting.

The Great Big Butter Battle: build a ‘Bitsy Big-Boy Boomeroo’ bread and butter ring machine
Dr Seuss’s The Butter Battle Book tells the story of two peoples, divided by their attitude to bread and butter—the Yooks eat theirs with the butter side up, the Zooks eat theirs with the butter side down.This allegorical children’s story about the cold war will inspire us to create our own bread and butter firing machines.

Mask Making: the recycled cosmology of the Drogon tribe of Druids Heath 
Using materials found locally, masks will be inspired by the ornamental tribal wear of the Drogon Tribe of Druids Heath.

My Trainers are Better Than Yours: trainer making from recycled materials
Create your own trainers from plastic bags, parcel tape, cardboard recycled materials.