Heathland Festival


Heathland Festival 

July 26th – September 1st

Kings Heath, Balsall Heath and Druids Heath community libraries

Heathland Festival (‘A children’s festival of ideas’) is an innovative programme of art activities, literature, music and artworks for children and their families. The ‘Heath’ libraries are geographically located on what was once ancient heathland, and the festival draws parallels between ancient common land and the ethos of public libraries. Based around five key themes (environment, equality, courage, migration and protest), the five-week programme will make complex ideas around sharing and public space accessible to children (and, of course, all children will be interested in sharing…).

Storytelling and Poetry

Jake Evans, Cath Edwards, JC Niala, Pyn Stockman, Kerima Mohideen, Peter Chand, Sharon Wu-Carr, Dreadlockalien, Birmingham’s Poet Laureate Matt Windle

Production Workshops

Heathoglyphics, The Great Big Butter Battle, Trainer making from recycled materials, Mask Making: The Recycled Cosmology of the Drogon Tribe of Druids Heath, Paper Aeroplane Championships, Futuristic Map Making, Placards & Protest

Also Featuring…..

Drum Together Brum, The ‘No Outsiders’ Project, Man Reads Poetry Whilst Boxing, Free Ice Cream: L’Internationale Ice Cream Van  – Lolly is Theft!, Print Station, Collage Party

The Heathland Festival Children’s Storybook!  Coming October 2018

New writing by Catherine O Flynn & Elizabeth Charis  + the Bangladeshi Women’s Association

For more information see the programme or festival website.