Handsworth Currency Competition


Exhibition: Handsworth ‘Heritage’

The exhibition presented archive material relating to each new Handsworth ‘Head’. This included magazines / pamphlets produced by Merrise Crooks-Bishton in the 1970s, handmade carpentry tools used by employees of MSS (the local Sikh community co-operative on the Soho Road) and Mykal Brown’s Wassifa Sound System sound clash trophies. Mykal Brown also unearthed Wassifa’s Sound System’s first handmade speaker that had been sitting in his mum’s basement for 40 years. This, along with the other objects within the exhibition, asked questioned around what constitutes ‘heritage’ in Handsworth today? Whilst Soho House and the legacy of Matthew Boulton represents one Handsworth heritage, the Wassifa speaker presented a very different take on a contemporary Handsworth heritage.