Balsall Heath Biennale

Public Sculpture Colouring in Posters

The public sculpture colouring in posters re-imagined the local area by digitally integrating three large public sculptures – by Juneau Projects, Andy Holden and Raqs Media Collective – into the Balsall Heath landscape.

The Balsall Heath Neighbourhood Plan, developed under the 2011 Localism Act, contains a number of recommendations for public art to be sited at the seven entry points to Balsall Heath. The biennale public sculpture colouring in posters visualised what some of these pieces of public art might be and how they might look in Balsall Heath.

1000 public sculpture colouring in posters were distributed through local primary schools in Balsall Heath. Local children were invited to colour them in and put them up in their living room windows as part of an area wide competition in which over 200 houses entered (the colouring in poster idea is borrowed from Balsall Heath Carnival, a long established part of the community calendar and this probably accounts for the high number of entries).