Balsall Heath Fairy Doors

Balsall Heath Fairy Doors Competition

We are running a competition for children to design a ‘Balsall Heath Fairy Door’ – magical doors to other worlds. The best designs will be made into beautiful, handmade doors and they will be installed around the Seven Streets Pocket Park as a trail. People will visit from miles around to marvel at the doors!

What is a fairy door?

A fairy door is a magical portal between our world and another imaginary place, usually found at the base of a tree trunk.

Idea’s & Tips: 

• IMAGINE – if you could step from Balsall Heath through a door into another imaginary world…….where would you go?
• You might want to take your inspiration from doors in Balsall Heath or different types of doors around the world.
• Door designs can be any shape or size. Triangles or squiggly shapes are just as good as rectangles.
• Doors designs can be any colour or pattern. Maybe you would like to use a pattern from the natural world? Or the colours of your favourite country, shop or football team?
• You might want to have some writing or a slogan on them. Maybe the door might support Black Lives Matter? Or something else that is important to you?
• The doors might even be 3D with bits sticking out of them. Tell us what materials you would use.
• Be creative and use your imagination! Unique and unusual designs are welcome!

Download the entry form (A3 pdf)

Please watch the instructional video to help with your design >>>>


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