Acocks Green 2022

A Commonwealth Games Arts Project for Acocks Green: What do you think?

In 2022 Birmingham will host the Commonwealth Games. As part of this, there will be a fantastic cultural programme that will occur across the city.

General Public think that Acocks Green is a great place for some Commonwealth cultural activity to happen and we need you to help shape the idea. Fill in the form to the right to support us in making a creative project for Acocks Green!

We have been successful in securing funding from Birmingham City Council to conduct a ‘feasibility’ study in Acocks Green to develop a proposal that might feature as part of this Commonwealth Games 2022 cultural programme. Until March 2021, we are working in partnership with organisations & local people, to make a persuasive case as to why Acocks Green should receive a larger amount of funding for 2022.

The 2022 Cultural Programme

The cultural programme of the games will be shaped around three simple themes. These are

– Our place in the Commonwealth
– The present moment
– Stories of Birmingham and the West Midlands

The 2022 website states:

‘It is essential that the festival is created with, not just for, local residents, so that people can recognise themselves and the uniqueness of our region in the work. We will look for and promote new work that recognises the region’s intersectional artistic and cultural practices – sensory concerts, runners’ club art tours, building ‘takeovers’, contemporary carnival, Drag bingo and community-led architectural ‘pavilions’ – the festival will draw on all of this and more’.

Ideas can take all shapes and sizes – What would you like to see happening in Acocks Green?

If you live in Acocks Green or are connected to the local area, please fill in the short survey and help us develop the Acocks Green proposal.  Alternatively you can email us on or call us on 07792736125.

Note: At this stage, the funding isn’t secured for the second stage of the project, only for the feasibility study. We are trying to make a case as to why Acocks Green should receive a larger amount of funding for stage 2.