The Pomology Project (online exhibition)

The Cherry-Minder

The Cherry-Minder

‘What would you protect? Human rights? Air quality? Your juicy organic blueberries?’

‘Cherry minding’ is an old orchard practice that involves preventing birds from eating all the cherries before harvest time using ‘instruments’ made from recycled materials and rope fashioned into a one man band style noise-making system. The Pomology Project’s incarnation of the Cherry Minder draws upon this DIY approach to create a new pedal-powered sound sculpture. The Cherry Minder is touring across the city over summer and autumn 2019, scaring off the unwanted, the terrifying, the greedy. What would you scare? The far right? Air pollution? The Commonwealth Games organisers?

The Cherry Minder was built by musical instrument designer Sam Underwood in collaboration with General Public.

The the Cherry Minder toured Birmingham events over the summer of 2019 including Blakesley Hall Apple Day 2019, Simmerdown Festival, Walsall Road Allotments Open day 2019, Kharnival & Balsall Heath Carnival.

The Cherry-Minder took inspiration from a short passage in Martin Hayes brilliant book Memories of Life as an Itinerant (Gloucestershire Pomona Series).

T-Shirt from the Commonground archive.

Unknown drawing from the Commonground archive.



Poster from the Winterbourne House archive.

Simmerdown Festival 2019

Martin Hayes, Memories of Life as an Itinerant

‘The Tombola’: locally relevant objects were added into the tombola for a bespoke scaring soundscape.

Clowns Horn on The Cherry-Minder.

Simmerdown Festival 2019.

Simmerdown Festival 2019.